About Us

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ASMALLWORLD Hospitality creates value for hotel owners by assuming the management of international luxury hotels and resorts, increasing occupancy, sales and profitability.  

As part of the ASMALLWORLD Group, our company is also responsible for the development of the ASMALLWORLD Hotel Collection, which is designed to inspire the ASMALLWORLD community to travel to the world’s most iconic destinations and experience our exceptional hospitality standards.

The first hotel to come under ASMALLWORLD management was the prestigious North Island resort in the Seychelles, which is now fully managed by ASMALLWORLD.

Over time, ASMALLWORLD aims to further expand its Hotel Collection by partnering with hotel owners to add more luxury hotels to its management portfolio.

To find out more about our parent company, please visit www.asmallworldag.com or the ASMALLWORLD community page www.asw.com