Our Services

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ASMALLWORLD Hospitality partners with hotel owners to create sustainable revenue and occupancy growth and higher profitability for a hotel. 

Hotel owners face multiple challenges such as the general operations of a hotel, a shift in consumer behaviour driven by the Millennial generation, mergers between international operators, and the complexity of global distribution systems. With our broad experience, we can assist hotel owners to address these and other strategic challenges whilst always driving sales and profitability.

Based on our own expertise as hotel managers and our rigorous analytical approach, we provide hotel owners with well-reasoned strategic guidance and take over the day-to-day management for them with a focussed hands-on approach.

In this constantly changing environment, ASMALLWORLD Hospitality is a strong partner for any hotel owner seeking to maximise the profitability of a property by utilising three key strengths:

  • A team of experts – our team understands hospitality and asset management based on years of experience in the industry as hotel managers and advisors to hotels owners and operators.

  • Agile partner – our small operational structure allows us to work faster and more nimbly than many of the larger international hotel brands, which have come to be known as ‘red tape heavy’ and slow when dealing with owners.

  • Part of the ASMALLWORLD Group – each property we operate becomes part of the ASMALLWORLD Hotel Collection and is marketed to our global lifestyle community consisting of tens of thousands of travel-savvy members